Inquiry for Theses (Bachelor and Master)

Due to a surge in thesis requests, we are currently unable to accommodate all students who approach us. Feel free to reach out to one of our researchers but do consider supervision from other chairs, too. 
Our current research topics at the Chair for Entrepreneurship are: 
Possible Research Topics at the Global Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (GCEI) are:
  • Psycholinguistic analysis in entrepreneurship (social media analysis, & network analysis). E.g.: Dealing with the corona crisis - CEO communications and stock prices (Henrik Wesemann –
If you are interested in writing your Bachelor or Master Thesis on one of our topics, please reach out to the respective researcher. Please send an email, rather than call, to facilitate our administrative processes. Make sure to include: 
  1. Your CV 
  2. Your grade transcript 
  3. A short statement explaining your motivation to join the project (less than half a page)
In the case of general questions and inquiries on other entrepreneurship topics, please send an email to Barbara Schmidt (