Entrepreneurship Courses

Please find below the current courses of the Chair of Entrepreneurship.

For more information regarding the courses, please refer to the course directories of the University of St. Gallen here.

Spring 2020
Level No. Division Name
Master 8,022 Entrepreneurship Startup Rallye (new)
Doctoral/PHD 10,121 Entrepreneurship PhD Colloquium Entrepreneurship II
Entrepreneurship IEMBA 7
Entrepreneurship EMBA 57
Autumn 2020 (provisional)
Level No. Division Name
Bachelor 5,119 Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship: Grundlagen und praktische Anwendungen
Master 7,239 Entrepreneurship Technologie Entrepreneurship
Master 9,232 Entrepreneurship Lean Startup
Master 9,010 Entrepreneurship Methods: Venture Growth Hacking (new)
Master Entrepreneurship Methods: Entrepreneurial Finance (new)
Doctoral/PHD 10,118 Entrepreneurship PhD-Kolloquium Entrepreneurship I
Entrepreneurship IEMBA 7
Entrepreneurship IEMBA 8