Innovation Management

Prof. Oliver Gassmann

Welcome to the Chair of Innovation Management at the University of St.Gallen. We are dedicated to leading innovation research by combining rigor and relevance.

The chair of Prof. Gassmann aims for high impact in the academic and in the practitioners' world.
We focus our research activities on management of innovation by exploring patterns of innovation. Together with our international research partners in industry we develop tools for effective management of innovation. Together with our spin-off we also implement leading knowledge on innovation management into practical solutions.

Our main areas of research are:  Open Innovation, R&D Globalization, Intellectual Property Management, Business Model Innovation and Leading for Innovation.

Business Model Innovation

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann | Dr. Naomi Haefner | Lukas Neumann | Kilian Schmück | Thomas Möllers


In recent years business model innovation has achieved major attention from both practitioners and academics. Innovating business models is recognized as a key component of organizational success. Apple, Google, Nespresso are just a few well-known examples of successful business model innovators. Studies show that business model innovators are in average 6 percentage points more profitable than pure product or process innovators over 5 years. The high importance of business model innovation is also highlighted among managers: based on another survey more than 50% of the top managers believe that business model innovations are more important for competitive advantage than innovations on products or services. Paradoxically, the actual development and implementation of business model innovation within firms is still not in the focus of managers. This discrepancy can be explained by the fact that up to date there are hardly any guidelines or methods that allow for a systematic development of business model innovation. 

Click here for a video explaining Business Model Innovation in more detail.

Energy Innovation Lab

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann | Prof. Dr. Maximilian Palmié | Jonas Böhm | Raphael Bömelburg | Charlotte Lekkas


The Energy Innovation Lab aims to academically examine the energy sector and related industries. In light of the energy transition, we consider issues concerning stakeholder management, the effects of organizational structures, and the role of business model innovation. For work on the latter topic, we are collaborating closely with our department’s Competence Center for Business Model Innovation and the institute’s spin-off, BMI-Lab. We are actively approaching various energy sector players, completing projects with industry partners, and publishing in top-tier international academic journals.

Helvetia Innovation Lab

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann | Dr. Bernhard Lingens | Maximilian Böger | Florian Huber | Lucas Miehé
Jointly with our partner Helvetia Insurance, the Helvetia Innovation Lab is conducting research and industry collaborations in the context of business model innovation in Ecosystems. Our interests are surrounding the topics of corporate venturing, incubation, and partnering. In doing so, we conduct literature and industry studies, create analogies from different industries and are supporting Helvetia with the implementation of the resulting approaches. We are very much interested in the active knowledge exchange with companies, conduct project work with business partners, and edit publications for scientific and practitioner-oriented journals. 

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann
Professor of Technology Management with special focus on Innovation Management

Ph.D. Bernhard Lingens
Head of Helvetia Innovation Lab

Ursula Elsässer
Personal Assistant

Thomas Möllers
Research Associate

Svetlana Flankova
Research Associate

Raphael Bömelburg
Research Associate

Dr. Naomi Haefner
Post doc
Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Zedtwitz
Head of Competence Center GLORAD

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Palmié
Assistant Professor Energy and Innovation Management

Maximilian Böger
Research Associate

Lukas Neumann
Research Associate

Lucas Miehé
Research Associate

Kilian Schmück
Research Associate

Jonas Böhm
Research Associate

Florian Huber
Research Associate

Charlotte Lekkas
Research Associate