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Double Appointment at University of St. Gallen (HSG) and ETH Zürich 
The Chair of Technology Management at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen is a sister-chair to the Chair of Information Management at D-MTEC at ETH Zürich. Prof. Elgar Fleisch, who has a double appointment at both universities as a full professor, splits his time equally among St. Gallen and  Zürich. Also, all research activities are split across the two chairs.


We combine our research efforts in the B2E Lab and the Center for Digital Health Interventions
The Bits to Energy Lab (B2E) is a research lab with the aim to leverage technology to foster sustainability. Our focus is on energy applications for which we develop machine learning techniques that uncover information and explore behavioural interventions that lead to the desired motivation and interaction with the users. Ultimately, our mission is to help our partner institutions and companies to excel in their fields, to advance theory in the academic community, and provide insights that fuel a sustainable development. 
In the Centre for Digital Health Interventions (CDHI), our interdisciplinary team of computer and social scientists partners with medical experts to design behavioural, scalable and self-improving digital health interventions (“digital pills”) that are effective and cost-efficient. We conduct digital biomarker and intervention research and use wearable sensors, mobile applications, social media, and other technologies to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases.


Long-lasting collaboration with fellow researchers
We conduct our research with leading colleagues in the context of long-term partnerships within and outside HSG, e.g. Inselspital Bern, Cantonal Hospital of St.Gallen, Dartmouth’s Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (USA), School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore etc..



Research & Labs

As we combine all our research efforts in the Bits2Energy (B2E) Lab and the Centre for Digital Health Interventions (CDHI), please follow the links to our respective Lab Pages. Additionally to the lab pages, you can find all the publications on the HSG research platform Alexandria.


If you are interested in the labs our chair once started and later transferred to most estimated colleagues, please follow the links below:

  • Bosch IoT Lab (started in X. Transferred to Prof. Gassmann and Prof. Wortmann in X)
  • Mobiliar Lab (started in X. Transferred to Prof. von Wangenheim in X)
  • ETH/HSG Auto-ID Lab (started in X. Transferred to Alex Ilic in X)
Center for Digital Health Interventions
The Center for Digital Health Interventions is a joint initiative of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen and the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich. Our objective is to design behavior-oriented, scalable and self-improving digital health interventions (DHIs) that are more effective and cost-efficient than existing interventions. Our interdisciplinary team of computer scientists and health psychologists partners with medical experts to build and evaluate DHIs in clinical and non-clinical trials with a special focus on chronic diseases and support in the everyday life of individuals. The projects are funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and health organizations such as Health Promotion Switzerland or the CSS health insurance.
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Bits to Energy Lab
The Bits to Energy Lab combines digitalization and behavioral economics to support the design of innovative products and services, new business models, and rich customer interaction. Our focus is on mass market applications in the utility, mobility, and domestic sector where more and more smart products enable companies to stay in touch with their customers and provide data that helps to better understand user behavior.
Our mission is to support companies to master their digital transformation, contribute to information systems research (data analytics and consumer behavior), and ultimately support a sustainable development of our society.
The Bits to Energy Lab was founded in 2006 by Elgar Fleisch, Friedemann Mattern, and Thorsten Staake. Since 2014, Verena Tiefenbeck leads the team at ETH Zurich and Prof. Thorsten Staake leads the team at the University of Bamberg.
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Research Philosophy


Digital & Physical: Our aim is to understand the ongoing merge of the digital and physical world in the dimensions of technology, applications, and implications. We leverage this understanding in the design of new technologies and applications for the benefit of the economy and society.


Rigor & Relevance: We are convinced that rigor and relevance are complementary, and in our field of work even mutually dependent. Therefore, we strive for the highest scientific standard while being deeply rooted in entrepreneurial and societal practice.


Practice & Research: The problems for our research projects originate from practice. In order to achieve meaningfulness and personal satisfaction, we want the findings we develop to have an impact in practice.


Transdisciplinary: Our projects are therefore fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature. In our research at the Center for Digital Health Interventions, the fields of medicine, machine learning, computer science, psychology and economics meet. In our Bits to Energy-Lab we combine machine learning, computer science, psychology and economics to foster sustainable behaviour.


«Full-stack» Research Projects: Because we are interested not only in the technical solution but also in the impact in the real world, we usually use a "full-stack" approach, which at the highest stage includes work on theoretical foundations, prototype construction, laboratory and field experiments, data analysis and business model. In individual cases, we also do not shy away from spin-offs to scale an idea from research in society.


Focus: We focus all our activities on improving digital health and sustainability interventions.


Share & collaborate: We are happy to share our knowledge by open access publications, open source software, and open scientific data provided there are no legal, ethical or other relevant constraints with all interested parties and proud to collaborate with the best in the respective field.



We offer a wide variety of different courses at the University of St. Gallen including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral lectures and we supervise Bachelor and Master thesis in the area of operations management and technology managment.

If you are interested in our courses or want to write your thesis at the Chair of Operations Management, please click on the respective link below.

Entrepreneurial Activities

We are proud to have the opportunity to support our students and researchers in creating spin-off and start-up companies. We not only enjoy fostering versatile and highly committed talents. We also see it as our duty to society to use the knowledge gained at HSG to create and secure jobs in Switzerland and Europe.

Please click here to find a list of spin-offs, start-up companies and initatives with chair involvement.



Please click here to see the team of our sister chair "Chair of Information Management" at ETH Zürich.


For a list of all past PhD students, please click here: Alumni

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