Our Master level courses

Level No. Division Name
Master 7,239 Entrepreneurship Technologie Entrepreneurship
Master 9,232 Entrepreneurship Lean Startup
Master Entrepreneurship Startup Navigator (new)
Master 7'027 Production Management Industrie 4.0
Master 7'014 Production Management Produktionsmanagement
Master 7'024 Production Management Operative Exzellenz
Master 7'035 Production Management Methoden: Supply Chain- und Operations Management
Master 7,001 Innovation Management Business Innovation I: Geschäftsmodelle entwickeln
Master 7,012 Innovation Management R&D Management
Level No. Division Name
Master Entrepreneurship Berlin Startup Rallye (new)
Master 8,014 Innovation Management Innovation and Leadership
Master 8,038 Innovation Management Managing Global Innovation
Master 8,013 Innovation Management FPV: Innovationmanagement in the Energy Sector