2020 Quality Benchmarking Study

A Global Initiative to Baseline Pharmaceutical Quality Management

In April 2020, we launched the most comprehensive study of pharmaceutical quality management practices and operational performance worldwide. We strive to analyze data from 2000 manufacturing establishments in 52 countries.

About the Study

About the Study

The Institute of Technology Management is currently involved in a U.S. Food & Drug Administration funded project "Drug Facility and Product Quality Systems Assessment Data and Analytics Research " jointly executed with Dun & Bradstreet. In this research project, a shortened OPEX & Quality benchmarking has been developed. The assessment contains a scientifically derived subset of legacy St.Gallen Benchmarking Performance Indicators and selected Enablers, that have been proven as meaningful for surrogating overall system’s stability and performance.

The study is conducted in the global pharmaceutical industry (human drugs) and compares hundreds of estabslishments worldwide to characterize current operational performance and the implementation level of quality management practices. We invite pharmaceutical establishments to participate in this study free of charge. Every participating establishment will receive a customized benchmarking report. The report is a unique benefit allowing to understand the establishment's current performance in comparison to a tailored peer of other pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Participating establishments will insights about their quality management maturity, specific details on key performance indicators and attributes of your quality culture. Every customized benchmarking report clearly identifies opportunities for continual improvement. 

Our Partners & Funding

Dun & Bradstreet brings years of experience in providing data and analytics to businesses and government agencies world-wide. With its global reach, D&B is perfectly equipped to execute the study.

The study is funded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Mark Grothkopp


Project Leader

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