Benchmarking Projects

Most challenges your company faces with regard to production networks, digitalization of manufacturing, or other production management-related topics are not new. Other companies have already dealt with similar questions before. Hence, you do not have to try various solutions until finding the working one. Instead, save the resources of your company and learn from successful practices.

We support you in finding successful practices that fit the questions for which you need answers. Usually, we form a consortium of companies with similar interests that guide and finance benchmarking projects based on our proven approach. After a benchmarking, we often establish focus groups where the companies may exchange in a structured way on their specific topic further on. Below, we present some of our former and current benchmarking and focus group projects together with the research questions they aim to answer.

Benchmarking Approach

Benchmarking Approach

Our proven benchmarking approach supports you and your company in identifying improvement potentials by applying a four-step process:
First, you and the other consortium partners define the precise topic and benchmarking questions with our support.
Second, we create an online survey based on these questions to collect and evaluate data from other companies and to select potential successful practices according to your criteria.
Third, we organize site visits to the successful practices you have chosen and structure the knowledge exchange.
Fourth, we summarize and document all learnings and support you in generating an implementation roadmap for the topics that were interesting for you.

Your Benefits as a Consortium Partner

In the past decades, we have performed almost 100 successful benchmarking projects with various production management-related research questions. Our experience guarantees high quality, scientific validity, and invaluable insights. As a partner in the consortium, you steer the scope of the benchmarking study and profit directly from access to experts.
In more detail:

  • You influence focal points, precise topics, and define benchmarking questions
  • You benefit from the detailed screening results
  • You visit five successful practice companies and exchange with experts on-site
  • You have the opportunity for networking with other partners and industry experts
  • We ensure effective and efficient procedures
  • We provide you with a competent project organization

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