Research Projects

As a university institute, we are not only eager to contribute to real-world applications in companies but also to advance the scientific frontier (you find some of our recent publications below). Our research focus is on global production networks. Hence, we collaborate with companies that have a production network to use their network and its structure as a research object. We first published our approach in 2014 (Read More about our book) and have been enhancing it with every project since then. Collaborating companies profit from in-depth network assessments and innovative approaches to network management. However, these research projects often only pay in the long run in contrast to our consulting projects.
We conduct most of our research projects with additional public funding, for example, by the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse, the Basic Research Fund (GFF) or European organizations. Some research projects like dissertation projects or the annual Swiss Manufacturing Survey are self-funded through our Institute because we want to keep them independent. Concerning production networks, the Swiss Manufacturing Survey explores the changing role of Swiss production facilities within global production networks.

Innosuisse Projects

Innosuisse Projects

Besides us as research partner, Innosuisse projects require implementation partners from industry and a commercialization partner. The objective of each Innosuisse project is to develop an innovative solution that creates value in Switzerland, being it at an implementation partner and/or at the commercialization partner and/or for the economy in general. Implementation partners usually make their production networks available for research and optimization purposes while commercialization partners market the developed solution.

Innosuisse projects require a formal application for funding, which we coordinate, write and hand in. Before writing, we look for an exciting and innovative project scope in the field of global production management as well as for fitting implementation and commercialization partners. Most of our Innosuisse projects take 18 months from start to finish.


Below you find some of our recent publications.


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