Elevating Operational Excellence in Pharma: From Manufacturing to Quality Assurance

Join us in Dublin to learn about the latest insights from the Operational Excellence Research group of the University of St.Gallen!

We are happy to continue our conference series - in-person in Dublin!

We are the leading research institution in the field of Operational Excellence (OPEX) in the pharmaceutical industry and conducting research as well as industry projects since 2004. Building on our many years of experience in industry benchmarking, our databases include data from almost 600 facilities, making them the largest independent OPEX benchmarking databases in the pharmaceutical industry - worldwide. We support pharmaceutical companies in reaching Operational Excellence through dedicated assessments on network and site level, identification of site complexity, OPEX workshops, as well as process mapping and identification of improvement potential.

This conference will give you first-hand insights and practical advice for your journey toward Operational Excellence. Thereby, you will get to know state-of-the art quality management practices and latest insights on the interplay between Operational Excellence and Digitalization. As a special feature of this event, we will officially present our newest Quality Assurance benchmarking. Practical insights into measuring success in Quality Assurance will round up the conference. We will include interactive discussions and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing among participants in this conference.

Do not miss this opportunity! We would be more than happy to connect and socialize with fellow peers in-person. This event is the perfect opportunity to do so!  

Please see the form below for registration. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via phone or mail.

Best regards from Switzerland,

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli

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Location: TU Dublin
Time: 30th April 2024, 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM Irish Standard Time
Price*: 420 Euro (Full Day), 300 Euro (1/2 Day)
Agenda: see below
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