Thesis: Making Web3 work for the industry: Metaverse & NFTs

The industrial metaverse is a term used to describe the use of immersive digital technologies in industrial and manufacturing settings. It involves the creation of a virtual environment that replicates the physical world, which can be used for tasks such as design, simulation, training, and collaboration. Subsequently, the role of blockchain technology in the industrial metaverse has become increasingly important, as it provides the infrastructure for creating a decentralized and secure platform on which it can be built. Overall, the industrial metaverse has the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency by revolutionizing the way that industries operate, enabling companies to design and test products and processes in a virtual environment. 

Industrial NFTs, on the other hand, are non-fungible tokens that represent unique digital assets related to industrial processes, products, or services. These NFTs can be used to verify the authenticity, ownership, and provenance of industrial assets, such as spare parts, equipment, and machinery. In addition to providing a way to track the ownership and transfer of physical assets, industrial NFTs can also be used to represent digital assets, such as virtual designs and simulations created in the industrial metaverse. This can enable companies to monetize their digital assets, such as intellectual property and proprietary designs, and provide a new form of revenue generation.


Scope of the thesis:

We at the ITEM aim to close the gap between sophisticated academia and tangible practical insights. While building on profound research, your thesis should generate actionable insights with practical applicability. Based on desk research, reviewing the scientific literature and public press, and conducting hands-on case interviews, your task would be to identify, analyze and compare examples of business models in the field of industrial metaverse and NFTs. Hence, your thesis will focus on application fields and use cases of the industrial metaverse and NFTs in a B2B context.


Specifically, your thesis project would revolve around questions such as:
• What business models exist in the field of industrial metaverse?
• How can industries use NFTs to innovate their business models?
• What are the best practices when transitioning towards industrial metaverse or the use of industrial NFTs? Which challenges occur?
• Which impact do immersive digital technologies, such as blockchain, AI, VR, AR, 3d modeling, and edge computing have in industrial and manufacturing settings? 


Your profile: 
• Strong interest and affinity for Web3 and B2B
• Strong interest in case-based research 
• Strong interest in technology and strategy topics at the interface of theory and practice 
• Organized, conscientious, and result-oriented working attitude
• Very good communication and writing skills in English


We offer: 
• Qualitative research with high practical relevance and impact
• Methodological support
• Working at the intersection of business and technology
• A young, dynamic, and interdisciplinary team


Whom to contact?
If you find the topic interesting, please do not hesitate to contact Uliana Polyakova ( Please attach a short letter of motivation for this topic, your CV, and your current grade transcript to your e-mail.