Master Thesis on privacy regulations in the realm of data- driven business model

According to BITKOM, every second company refrains from innovation for data protection reasons. Therefore, data protection and data-driven business models including digital services need to go hand in hand. Companies have to consider privacy rather as an opportunity than a threat. To do so, companies need to communicate their attitude towards privacy and publicly establish privacy values to generate trust with their customers and gain a competitive advantage. Apple advertises privacy as “a fundamental human right” and designates its iPhone as privacy in itself. However, communicating these values is not sufficient, companies need to implement them into their products and services. In this thesis, an analysis of the current best practices in the manufacturing and tech industry (e.g. Apple) should be created following three guiding research questions:

  1. What are the technical features that companies implement into their digital services for the realization of their privacy values?

  2. Which criteria exist to evaluate these technical features in the context of data privacy?

  3. Which companies are most advanced based on the evaluation criteria and how can this be related to their business models?

What we offer at the Bosch IoT Lab:
  • Qualitative research with a high practical relevance and impact: The thesis will be conducted in close collaboration with privacy engineers from BOSCH
  • Methodological support
  • Working at the intersection of business and technology