Rethinking Global Production Strategy

Competitive advantage through a sustainable production strategy

About the Project

Today's business environment challenges globally operating companies to a great extent. Not only increasing customer requirements and product complexity, but also unpredictable risks such as trade wars, currency fluctuations, the current corona crisis and environmental concerns increasingly threaten global value chains and reveal their limitations. A sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved by those companies that are able to holistically reflect these multidimensional influences in their global production strategy by strengthening the resilience.

As proposed by our current benchmarking, top-performing manufacturing firms already define their production strategy not only based on “traditional” production information (operational, sales & operations planning, etc.) but extent their assessment to a more holistic view by incorporating inter-departmental factors such as market, competitor or supplier data. In order to make sure that different entities work towards a common goal (corporate strategy), silo thinking between departmental interfaces (R&D, Sales, Service, etc.) has to be overcome and vertical integration to be enabled. 

As consortium partner, you profit from this benchmarking in two ways. First, you decide on the questions that are addressed in this study. Thus, you have direct influence on the project outcomes. Second, you will join the Site Visits at the Successful Practice companies. This provides you first-hand insights from industry experts.
Currently, we are looking for consortium partners to join the benchmarking study. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you for additional information!

We therefore would like to address the following topics in our global production strategy benchmarking 2021:
Empowering the voice of production in the strategic corporate priorities
Agile strategy processes to flexibly respond to external uncertainties and strengthen the resilience
Harmonization of silo dominated strategies between different functions
Vertical cascading of goal setting from top floor to shop floor
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Your Benefits
Direct influence on the topics examined
Profit from our experience in knowledge transfer
Learn from industry experts
Visit successful practice companies


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Project Overview
Time Frame
•Ca. 10 months
•Planned kick-off: Q1/2021
•Kick-off meeting (1 day)
•Review meeting (1 day)
•Site visits (1 day per visit)
•Final conference (1 day)
Participation Fee CHF 25’000

Contact Details

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Philipp Miedler
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Jens Kaiser
Research Associate & PhD Candidate