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Historical growth, mergers & acquisitions, and individual site decisions often define the characteristics of production networks. Hence, they frequently lack a network-wide common understanding, a systematic strategy, and a development roadmap. In good times, these shortcomings might be no problem, but they make the production network vulnerable to coming challenges and crises.

Do you know how your production network performs? Does it fit your company’s needs and strategic targets? Are you aware of potential improvements? Is your production network flexible enough to withstand the next challenges and to take future opportunities?

Challenge your production network with our Production Network Quick-Check...

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Production Network Optimization

In case you have no idea how your production network performs or are unsatisfied with how it fits your company’s needs and strategic targets, you are going to benefit from one of our services in the area of production network management.

Our Production Network Quick-Check gives you fresh insights into your network for free.
If you require an in-depth evaluation of your network, our Production Network Assessment provides you with more detailed answers and benchmarks your network to others from our database.
In an Individual Consulting Project, our experts and consultants guide you in assessing and optimizing your production network based on our proven network management approach. We tailor our offer to your needs and focus, for example, on network coordination instead of network configuration.


More Information on Our Consulting Projects

In the document below, you find more information about our production network management approach and about what we can do for you.

Global Production Management
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