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New contributions in EurOMA ’19 conference proceedings

Two of our research associates took part at this year’s EurOMA conference in Helsinki. Christian Elbe presented the topic of “Manufacturing execution systems in international manufacturing networks” and Dominik Remling the topic of “Digital Technologies to coordinate manufacturing networks”. 

Unlock Procurement Synergies

During the last months we had the opportunity to work together with an aircraft component manufacturer. The aim was to strengthen the cooperation between 3 plants from different countries and to benefit from existing synergies.

Benchmarking: Digital Manufacturing Networks

We want to examine approaches to implement and operate Manufacturing Execution Systems for manufacturing operations management globally across plants in order to develop an agile and resilient manufacturing network based on digital technologies and Industry 4.0.

A Business Intelligence (BI) Approach to Operational Excellence (OPEX)

In collaboration with Harborview we attempted to debunk the myths preventing a widespread adoption of a BI approach in Pharma and demonstrated that a BI approach to complex data is possible already today and with freely available available BI tools.

Expert Group 270619
Expert Group Meeting // Data-driven Business Models

On June 27 at Zurich HB, the next Expert Group meeting with a focus on data-driven business models will take place. We receive insights from business practitioniers about what to do with data, starting at 16:30.

QCEx Kick-Off Meeting group photo
QC Lab Exchange Platform 2019

Representatives of 20 pharmaceutical companies participated and contributed to the exchange about “Regulatory Challenges and Risk Management”. Part of the kick-off was a 1.5 hours lab tour to get first-hand experience. We thank Janssen for this great opportunity! The subsequent meetings will focus on “Life Cycle, Change Management & Optimized Lab Operations” in September and “Digitalization 2.0, Automation & New Technologies” in November.

Digital Technologies - Evolution of Production in High-Wage Countries

Digitalization and the application of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart robotics, augmented reality or big data are progressing steadily. In particular, companies with plants in countries such as Germany or Switzerland are expecting new productivity gains and a positive impact on the competiveness of their high-wage locations. But which technologies are really relevant? What collaborations are important and what are the overall benefits of digitization?

Smart Service Seminar // 06 June 2019

Last year, we conducted a benchmarking study with the topic of "Smart Services - Transformation of the Service Organization" and selected five successful practice companies that perform very well in the area of strategy, organizational change and service innovation and sales.

Successful Thesis Defence in Production Management

On April 4th, Stephan Köhler defended his thesis on “Measuring Operational Excellence Performance – A Mixed-methods Conceptualization and Application in Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories”.

Wort Wolke Offset
Offset Study 2018/2019 - Now available

Within the last 12 months, we conducted a new study commissioned by ASIPRO (the Association for Swiss Industry Participation in Security and Defence Procurement Programs) about the topic of Offset in Switzerland. Within the study, we compare the Swiss Offset approach with those of other countries, incorporate perspectives of the national industry, as well as strive for a quantitative assessment of the financial impact of Offset.

Successful Thesis Defence

Today Christoph Benninghaus has made the final step of his doctoral phase. He confidently mastered the questions of the professors and successfully defended his doctoral thesis, “Impact of Digitalization on the Strategic Management of International Manufacturing Networks.”
We wish him all the best for his new, challenging position in a multinational manufacturing company.

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Upcoming OPEX seminar (Dublin, 6th Feb. 2019)

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