Sales Diagnostic

Finding the Best-in-Class in Service Sales



Companies across industries are shifting their business models towards digital products and services. To realize these opportunities, the sales function has to keep up to speed. Three fields of action emerge: sales strategy, processes and organization. In particular, value selling is imperative to demonstrate how customers benefit from new offerings.

Sales Diagnostic

Is your company best-in-class in sales? Participate in University of St.Gallen’s all-new diagnostic study now to compare your performance against sales and service managers from leading industrial firms worldwide:
By participating in this study, you will obtain a free report that:
  • Compares the performance of your sales organization against the industry benchmark
  • Showcases successful practices in service sales
  • Synthesizes recommendations to tackle specific areas of improvement.
The study results will be presented in an online seminar in November 2020. Participation fees are waived for study participants.


Moritz Classen
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Jonathan Rösler
Research Associate & PhD Candidate