Developing and Aligning a Consistent Strategy Portfolio for Data-Driven Businesses

The Bosch IoT Lab is currently looking for students who want to write their bachelor or master thesis at the Institute of Technology Management about the purpose of different types of strategies for data-driven business models.

Data, Digital, IoT and AI Strategies: Developing and Aligning a Consistent Strategy Portfolio for Data-Driven Businesses

Besides the corporate strategy, a plethora of operational as well as functional strategies exist in companies (Matt 2015). Emerging digital technologies create new opportunities for companies. To take advantage of these opportunities, companies need to potentially transform their businesses (Matt, 2015; Chanias & Hess, 2016). These transformations can be conceptualized through corporate strategies and led by new roles as responsibilities for these strategies (Matt, 2015; Singh & Hess, 2017). Besides the corporate strategy, the digital transformation of companies is often formalized for example by an IT strategy, a digital strategy, a data strategy, an IoT strategy or an AI strategy. Instead of having multiple strategies driving the transformation of businesses, for instance Bharadway et al. (2013) suggests to merge the corporate strategy with the IT strategy and create a „digital business strategy“.
To understand the variety of different strategies and their importance for companies, the following questions need to be answered:  
  • How is strategy defined in this context?
  • Which strategies exist in companies besides the corporate business strategy and what do these strategies involve / what is the scope of these strategies?
  • Which roles exist besides the CEO and for which strategy are they responsible?
  • How do companies develop strategies? Do different types of strategies differ in their development processes?
  • How do companies align strategies and how do they separate strategies and responsibilities from each other?
  • Are there differences across industries and positions in the respectively corresponding industry value chain?
What we offer at the Bosch IoT Lab: 
  • Qualitative research with a high practical relevance and impact
  • Access to experts 
  • Methodological support
  • Working at the intersection of business and technology
  • Helping to transform the businesses of leading global companies
Your profile 
  • Interests for new data-driven business models, digital technologies (AI, IoT) and strategy research
  • Analytical thinking and a structured working approach
  • First practical experience in strategy consultancies or in a corporate strategy department is beneficial
Whom to contact?

To apply for this topic, please send an email to Fabian Schäfer ( and attach your current CV, transcripts and mention your preferred starting date.

Fabian Schäfer
Research Associate & PhD Candidate