Network Effects and Norm Strategies to Grow Digital Platforms

We are currently looking for students wanting to write their BA or MA thesis on strategies to build network effects on digital platforms. 
Nowadays, platform companies can be found in all type of industries, from the automotive and logistics to retail and travel industry. In particular, in the B2C context, many platform companies have disrupted established industries and have become more successful than the traditional, product-focused companies in the respective industry. Most prominent examples are Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft dominating the list of most valuable companies.
To grow a platform successfully, companies rely heavily on network effects. Parker et al. (2016) describe network effects as the (positive) effect that each, additional user has on the value of the platform. However, how do companies develop and sustain network effects on their platforms effectively?
Scope of the thesis:
Your task would be to identify the most common strategies to develop and sustain network effects on digital platforms (1) in theory and (2) in practice and (3) analyse their applicability for different platform models. 
Your profile: 
  • Strong interest in case-based research 
  • Strong interest in technology and strategy topics at the interface of theory and practice 
  • Organized, conscientious and result-oriented working attitude
  • Very good communication and writing skills in English
  • Ambition to finish the thesis in Spring 2020
Whom to contact?
If you find the topic interesting, please do not hesitate to contact Sven Jung ( Please attach your CV and current grade transcript to your e-mail.
Sven Sebastian Jung
Research Associate & PhD Candidate