Focus Group Plant Complexity - Managing complexity in production and supply in the digital age


Nearly 70% of managers admit that excessive complexity is raising their costs and hindering their profit growth.

In general, complexity can be divided into complexity of the products themselves and complexity in production. Especially the complexity of production systems is a crucial cause of many management problems.



We want to understand how to manage complexity by using metrics that track complexity. Relevant questions we will investigate in this focus group could be the following: How can complexity in planning, supply chain, production and distribution be managed? What are complexity drivers in the different plants, companies and industries? Which instruments, methods and concepts are suitable to deal with complexity in different areas? How can digital technologies support the management of complexity?



We address the central issues in the areas of plant and supply chain in our focus group "Plant Complexity" in different meetings and workshops. The results obtained subsequently serve as input for an implementation in the participants' company. The focus group follows a cross-industry approach, where participants will take turns to visit participating companies to discuss current challenges.


Your Benefits as a participant

As a participant you can exchange with your peers and access successful practices. You can define the key topics together with other participants and you will profit from a knowledge transfer.

If you want to participate in the focus group or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ferdinand Deitermann
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Dr. Lukas Budde
Project Leader