OPEN HOUSE - Community Talk of Harvard Business Managers
How are we going to lead our teams in the future? Which strategic questions should we pose ourselves?
The future belongs to collaboration: rivals can become partners and thereby everyone can be a winner. Hundreds of brands that have been independent so far will become part of about ten large ecosystems over the next years. Managers must think beyond the frontiers of their industry. Leaders will have to develop new skills with their teams.  
Oliver Gassmann and Fabrizio Ferrandina, authors of the article "The Win-Win-Win Formula" (HBm 6/21), explained during this Harvard Talk on 1 June 2021 how they envisage that this transformation will take place. 
Amazon and Apple collaborate when you purchase your new iPhone on Amazon. However, the companies are competitors when operating their own digital media ecosystems: Apple Music versus Amazon Music. Audi, BMW, and Daimler are rivals but at the same time partners.  
During the livetream recording will find out about:
  • The win-win-win- formula for the success in ecosystems
  • A tool for business model development
  • Tips to build the trust of your partners 
Here is the link to the recording of this event: