Pricing digital products

From customer solutions to value-based pricing models. 

New consortium project: How to price digital services?

In the course of digitalization, more and more companies are dealing with the topic of "smart services" and the transformation of their service business. Smart Services are advanced data-driven, digital service offerings, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance that open up new and revolutionary business models. Despite benefits for the customer, however, companies are often challenged by the question of how to price these services.


In our new consortium project "Pricing digital products", we therefore want to investigate systematically which approaches can be used to successfully price digital products and services. The aim of our project is to identify successful practices in industries where new pricing techniques, such as value-based pricing, are already adopted. From this learnings, we want to create a guideline intended to serve industrial companies in practice. The project duration is planned to be nine months with an expected kick-off held in September 2020.


The most important information about the project can be found here




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