14 Confirmed Participants in 2022
Roche, Lilly, Lonza, Janssen, Fresenius Kabi, Orion, Leo Pharma, Moderna, Vetter, Elanco, Takeda, Sanofi,  Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck


Mode of Interaction
In 2018, we launched an exchange platform specifically focused on QC lab excellence. The platform allows the participants to share and learn from successful practices of pharmaceutical companies. It combines presentations, workshops and in-depth discussions between global QC lab specialist and network excellence leaders with other specialists from pharmaceutical companies. Moreover Site visits at participating plants are planned. In total, three 2-days meetings per year are conducted.


We want to enable the industry to discuss the exchange topics that are most relevant for the participants. The participants are able to define the topics themselves. Our goal is to allow better problem solving in each of the participants' organizations. Key focus topics are defined together at the beginning of each meeting series.


Meeting Dates: 9/10. May 2023; 19/20. September 2023; 14/15 November 2023

For further information and all types of questions, please get in touch with Lorenzo Pirrone (lorenzo.pirrone@unisg.ch).