- 18.02.2024 - 16:27 

Article Series: Managing Global Manufacturing 2025+

In February, we published our article series on "Managing Global Manufacturing 2025+" in Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb (ZWF) of De Gruyter publisher. We developed the article series together with our colleagues from the WBK INSTITUTE of Production Science of the KIT Karlsruhe. In the INTRODUCTORY ARTICLE, Professors Thomas Friedli and Gisela discuss the role of global manufacturing in times of geopolitical tensions, wars, and the Covid pandemic.

In seven further articles, we discuss contemporary topics of manufacturing networks, such as plant roles, risk management, and centralization. You can get access HERE.

Overview of the articles:​

1. Current Topics in International Manufacturing

2. Strategic Manufacturing Network Performance Assessment Tool

3. Tactical Order Allocation in Internationational Manufacturing Networks

4. Centralism or Autonomy?

5. Company-Specific Plant Role Models

6. Network Capability Configurations as a Catalyst for Competitive Advantage

7. Integrating Risk into the Analysis