Book Release: The Digital Pill

Our healthcare system is under great pressure to change: we are living longer and longer due to groundbreaking medical advances, but our increasingly unhealthy lifestyles mean that we are suffering from chronic diseases more and more frequently. This is driving up healthcare costs and upsetting our successful system.

In his new book “The Digital Pill”, Dr. Elgar Fleisch and his co-authors (Dr. Christoph Franz, Dr. Andreas Herrmann and Anette Mönninghoff) reflect on how digital technologies can combat chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders. They report pioneering cases from large and small technology, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare providers of all sorts across the globe and bring forward 25 patterns and 5 corner stones of an affordable and patient centric digital healthcare.

The Digital Pill is essential reading for anyone working in, engaged with, or interested in understanding the future of healthcare and can be purchased on Amazon.
German Version
English Version