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Our Vision

Welcome to the Chair for Entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik. Based on the decision-making perspective, we analyze relevant research questions concerning the entrepreneurial process of discovering, creating, evaluating, and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities with high relevance for entrepreneurial practice. Our teaching activities are designed to provide profound theoretical and practice-oriented skills needed for entrepreneurship. 


We strive to be a leading institution in evidence-based entrepreneurship research, best practice application in the startup sector, and corporate venturing with a global scope.

  • Research: Publish research on entrepreneurial decision-making in leading journals
  • Startup World: Support and grow world-class ventures using systematic and quantifiable approaches

Our Labs

Startup Navigator Lab

Dietmar Grichnik | Manuel Hess | Diego Probst | Tatjana Christen | Dominic Knape | Eduard Müller | Jana Reuther | Sophie Romeiß | Yaro Wolff | Janine Crivelli

The St.Galler Startup NavigatorTM teaches you how to systematically create your business. It is a practical guide, which builds on cutting-edge entrepreneurship research and best practices of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe. Learn how to apply the Startup Cockpit with more than 66 tools and methods to make sure that your business decisions are based on facts instead of beliefs.
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Startup@HSG Lab
Dietmar Grichnik | Diego Probst | Maria Luisa Fuchs | Dominic Knape | Eduard Müller | Robert Schreiber | Janine Crivelli
Startup@HSG is the first point of contact for startups and entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen. Our Startup-Lab supports students and all other HSG-members on her entrepreneurial path, independently which level they reached so far (Idea, Prototype, ready for market).
We offer an incubation program, startup-coaching, startup-offices, startup-events, a MakerSpace and much more. HSG-Startups that are already successful can apply for our HSG-Spin-Off-Label and join the network of amazing HSG-Entrepreneurs. On top, we annually award an outstanding entrepreneur of the HSG with the Prize “HSG Founder of The Year”.
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Decision Making Research Lab

Dietmar Grichnik | Barbara Burkhard | Mike Hudecheck | Barbara Schmidt
Focusing on entrepreneurial decision-making, we investigate experimental learning processes and decision-making that leads entrepreneurs to act on opportunities. In our research, we heavily rely on state of the art methods such as experiments and meta-analyses. Our largest current project is the SNF Research Project “Learning More when Learning Together” in collaboration with ETH Zurich, that investigates antecedents and consequences of New Venture Team Learning.
In addition to our research activities, we collaborate with a large number of internationally leading business schools, universities, and technical universities.
Moreover, we ensure practical impact by applying gained insights in practical projects at the different units of the Chair for Entrepreneurship.


Contact: dietmar.grichnik@unisg.ch


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FoodTech Lab

Dietmar Grichnik | Diego Probst | Maria Luisa Fuchs | Eduard Müller | Robert Schreiber 


In times of overpopulation, stagnation of resources, and a lacking health system, it is our responsibility to rethink food production and consumption to help future generations. Bringing technology and innovation out of the Labs will help tackle the great food challenges to come.


Our vision for the FoodTech Lab is to build a leading institution in evidence-based entrepreneurship research and best practice application in the startup and venturing sector with the focus on the FoodTech sector, by considering topics of the entire food value chain that are in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and targets for the 2030 agenda.


Contact: eduard.mueller@unisg.ch


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Our Team

Dietmar Grichnik_Test
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
Professor of Entrepreneurship

Director ITEM

Chair for Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Vitae

Corinne Metzger
Personal Assistant to Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
Diego Probst
Diego Probst
Head of Startup@HSG
Barbara Burkhard
Dr. Barbara Burkhard
Postdoctoral Researcher & Head of Decision Making Research Lab
Manuel Hess
Prof. Dr. Manuel Hess
Assistant Professor & Project Manager St.Galler Startup Navigator Lab
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa Fuchs
Project Manager at Startup@HSG
Dominic Knape
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Eduard Müller
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Mike Hudecheck
Mike Hudecheck
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Barbara Schmidt
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Bernd Schneider
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Robert Schreiber
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Tatjana Christen
Tatjana Christen
PhD Candidate
Jana Reuther
PhD Candidate
Sophie Romeiß
Sophie Romeiß
PhD Candidate
Yaro Wolff
Yaro Wolff
PhD Candidate
Janine Crivelli
Project Assistant
Sarah M Nordt
Sarah Maria Nordt
Project Assistant at Startup@HSG
GCE&I - Global Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Based on an entrepreneurial decision-making perspective, our center does research on Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Experimental Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. At this, we maintain manifold co-operations with international leading business schools, universities, and technical universities.


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Entrepreneurship Research Talks

Our successful research talk series has delivered valuable collaborations between the GCEI and our renowned guest researchers. This series serves to provide entrepreneurship, family business and innovation researchers a forum for mutual exchange and dialogue about their subjects of interest, while offering HSG young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) opportunities for individual consulting and mentorship.


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Our Courses

The Chair for Entrepreneurship offers courses on the Bachelor, Master and PhD level as well as in the Executive Education programme. Teaching is a matter of particular concern to us and our team is dedicated to offer high-quality education to the students of the University of St.Gallen.


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Selected Publications

Please find a selection of the most recent publications by the Chair for Entrepreneurship below. You can find the full publication list of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik here

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Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email or in person. You will find us in the ZIG-building on the 2nd floor.

Chair for Entrepreneurship

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