Here is a list of the current research projects and publications of the Institut of Technology Management.

Below, you can find a selection of our research projects. If you are interested in our publications, please visit the HSG research platform (Alexandria) reflecting the variety of our research.


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Innovation Management
The Platform Navigator

88 pattern cards that help you design and implement platform business models in your company

Operations Management
Wearable-Based Dysglycemia Detection and Warning in Diabetes

The overall objective of the RADAR project (“Wearable-Based Dysglycemia Detection and Warning in Diabetes”) is the detection of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia (so-called dysglycaemia) by means of various parameters, which are obtained in real time from a commercially available Smartwatch.

Operations Management
HEADWIND - A hypoglycaemia warning system for diabetics in road traffic

The overall objective of the HEADWIND project ("Design and Evaluation of a Vehicle Hypoglycemia Warning System in Diabetes") is a novel approach to improve road safety for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Innovation Management
Decentralized Incentivized Initiatives

The St.Gallen Blockchain Roundtable & The DLT Think Tank

Innovation Management
Siemens Research Cooperation

The Chair for Innovation Management collaborates with Siemens to investigate decentralized platforms

Innovation Management
Hansgrohe Campus & Innovation Activities

Putting years of research about business model innovation into practice with Hansgrohe

Innovation Management

This projects conducts research for the Swiss National Science Foundation on Digital Transformation. 

Rethinking Global Production Strategy
Competitive advantage through a sustainable production strategy!
Production Management
Pricing digital products

From customer solutions to value-based pricing models. 

Production Management
Intelligence-Based Manufacturing Networks

Objective of this Innosuisse project is to design, develop and implement a data and corporate strategy based manufacturing network dashboard which supports in strategic decisions.


The Future of Manufacturing in High-Wage Countries

We want to enable a structured exchange on digitalization in manufacturing companies in-between managers and experts from practice and science.

Innovation Management
Intellectual Property in the Age of Self-Learning Systems

This project examines how intellectual property changes in the context of self-learning systems.

Smarter Together

The Energy Innovation Lab at the Chair for Innovation Management supports the development and commercial exploitation of smart and sustainable business models.


The SCCER CREST is a Swiss national research programme contributing on different levels to the reinforcement of energy reserach in Switzerland. Interested to learn more? 

Behavioral Studies in the Healthcare Context

In an ongoing collaboration between the Chair for Entrepreneurship at HSG, the Kantonsspital St.Gallen, and the Kantonsspital Winterthur.

Knowledge-Empowered Entrepreneurship Network (KEEN) European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Project

Knowledge-Empowered Entrepreneurship Network (KEEN) European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation project

Operations Management
Blockchain-based Community Microgrids

Building a decentralized local electricity market for community microgrids. We use blockchain technology to build trust between prosumer and consumer participants without reliance on a central authority.

QC Ex participants
Production Management
QC Lab Operational Excellence Exchange Platform

Discuss the excellence journey of your lab operations on a new level

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Production Management
Swiss Manufacturing Survey

We analyze the state of the Swiss manufacturing industry regarding trends in production and especially their attitude and activities in off- or re-shoring operations.


Production Management
Pharmaceutical Quality Risk

Can we predict adverse regulatory inspection outcomes for you?