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Our Vision

We support industrial organizations in multiple sectors and regions in their strategic planning and implementation of improvement initiatives.
Our Production Management offers industrial organizations both industry and functional expertise, consulting and benchmarking competencies, and academic research from a single source. In close cooperation with each client, our experienced team of managers, consultants, and academics produces tangible and positive results. Find out how you can benefit most from our services below and follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Our Focus Areas

Global Production
Michael Wiech | Christian Elbe | Dominik Remling | Philipp Miedler | Ferdinand Deitermann
Managing global operations is not only a matter of optimising single sites, it is about unlocking the potentials of a manufacturing network. Our integrated approach to configure and coordinate global operations aligns business with manufacturing strategy. We offer approaches, solutions and the latest research results to your challenges in the field of global manufacturing.
Contact: Dominik Remling
Smart Manufacturing & Services
Dr. Lukas Budde | Moritz Classen | Philipp Osterrieder |  Christoph Blum | Jonathan Rösler
Growing product commoditization, more complex customer needs and  digitalization drive manufacturing companies to increasingly shift to service-oriented business models. Our research activities and industry collaborations provide new and actionable insights on how to leverage smart services that are based on digitalized products and production processes.
Operational Excellence
Nuala Calnan, PhD | Stephan Köhler | Paul Buess | Julian Macuvele | Steffen Eich | Marten Ritz
Research and industry projects in over 10 years enabled us to build an extensive knowledge base on how to support companies on their journey to Operational Excellence. We have the world’s largest independent Operational Excellence Pharma benchmarking database. The close collaboration with our industry partners leads to customised solutions and actionable project outcomes. Join us at our workshops to get the latest insights or read about the results of our FDA Quality Metrics Research.
Swiss Manufacturing Survey
Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli | Ferdinand Deitermann | Dominik Remling

The aim of the annual survey is to present the current situation of the manufacturing industry in Switzerland in a meaningful way and to reflect a possible structural change through its long-term orientation. The focus on manufacturing companies provides new information that is sometimes insufficiently collected by other surveys. This transparency enables companies, associations, scholars and politics to identify and analyse developments and trends and to act accordingly.

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St. Gallen Production Management Conference

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli | Moritz Classen | Ferdinand Deitermann

Our 2019 conference focusses on "The 3rd Industrial Divide - Paradigms of the Future in Production Management".

The target group of the conference are managing directors, plant and production managers as well as managers from production-related areas of industrial companies. The conference will take place on 22nd and 23rd October 2019 at the Hotel Einstein Congress in St. Gallen. Please note, the main conference language is German.




Einstein Hotel

CAS Production Management

In the course of increasing digitalization, production faces new opportunities and challenges. New skills and methods must complement existing experience. This CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) transports the latest findings in the field of production management into operational practice. The course is held in collaboration with HSR Rapperswil. Course language is German.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Professor of Production Management

Director ITEM

Division Production Management

Manuela Landert
Personal Assistant to Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Dr. Lukas Budde
Project Leader
Dr. Stephan Köhler
Project Leader
Michael Wiech
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Steffen Eich
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Marten Ritz
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Christian Elbe
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Dominik Remling
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Philipp Miedler
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Ferdinand Deitermann
Research Associate & PhD
Christoph Blum
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Julian Macuvele
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Moritz Classen
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Philipp Osterrieder
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Mark Grothkopp
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Jonathan Rösler
Research Associate & PhD Candidate

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Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email or in person. You will find us in the ZIG-building on the ground floor.

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