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Schreiber, R., Hess, M., Grichnik, D., Shepherd, D., Tobler, P., & Wincent, J. (2024). An attractiveness bias? How women entrepreneurs’ physical appearance affects men investors. In: Journal of Management.

Grichnik, D., Hess, M., Reuther, J., Stoeckel, A. & Hilb, M. (2023). The Corporate Venturing Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Value Creation Process. Kogan Page.


Hodgkinson, G. P., Burkhard, B., Foss, N. J., Grichnik, D., Sarala, R. M., Tang, Y., van Essen, M. (2023): The Heuristics and Biases of Top Managers: Past, Present, and Future. In: Journal of Management Studies (JMS), 60(5): doi:10.1111/joms.12937.

Wesemann, H., Sirén, C., He, V., Grichnik, D., Wincent, J. (accepted, 2023): The Two Faces of Hierarchy: CEO Power and TMT Learning Diversity in Technology Venture Innovation. In: Small Business Economics. doi: 10.1007/s11187-024-00893-4.


Pundziene, A., Adams, R., Grichnik, D., Volkmann, Ch. (2022): Artificiality and Sustainability in Entrepreneurship. Exploring the Unforeseen and Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future [Editorial]. In: Adams, R., Grichnik, D., Pundziene, A., Volkmann, Ch. (Eds.), Artificiality and Sustainability in Entrepreneurship. Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 3-16.

Adams, R., Grichnik, D., Pundziene, A., Volkmann, Ch., (Eds.) (2022): Artificiality and Sustainability in Entrepreneurship. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.

Burkhard, B., Sirén, C., van Essen, M., Grichnik, D., Shepherd, D. (2022): Nothing ventured, nothing gained: A meta-analysis of CEO overconfidence, strategic risk taking, and performance. In: Journal of Management (JOM), doi:_10.1177/01492063221110203.

Christen, T., Hess, M., Grichnik, D., Wincent, J. (2022): Value-based pricing in digital platforms: A machine learning approach to signaling beyond core product attributes in cross-platform settings. In: Journal of Business Research (JOBR), JOBR-D-21-03876R2.


Hudecheck, M., Siren, C., Grichnik, D., & George, G. (2021): Adversity and Venture Performance: Is Adverse Media Coverage Really That Bad for Entrepreneurial Ventures? In: Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research (FER), BCERC Conference. Best Paper Proceedings.


Antretter, T., Blohm, I., Sirén, C., Grichnik, D., Malmstrom, M., & Wincent, J. (2020): Do Algorithms Make Better – and Fairer – Investments Than Angel Investors? In: Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Antretter, T., Sirén, C., Grichnik, D., & Wincent, J. (2020): Should business angels diversify their investment portfolios to achieve higher performance? The role of knowledge access through co-investment networks. In: Journal of Business Venturing (JBV), 35(5). doi: 10.1016/j.jbusvent.2020.106043.
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