Benchmarking: Global Production Strategies
The final conference on the 28th of September in St.Gallen was the last get-together in the Consortium Benchmarking Global Production Strategies.
There, Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli and Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller gave insights from research with their keynote speeches about global production 2022+ and best practices in financial leadership. Then, the five visits at Dätwyler, Festo, IMS:Gear, Schott and Kuka were summarized and discussed. At those visits, we have gathered a deeper understanding of their global production strategy approach and learned in their respective areas of excellence.
Afterwards at the final conference, the participants derived consequences for their own companies in a workshop-based session.  
As a highlight, Prof. Dr. Kasra Ferdows – one of the most renown researchers in production management – joined us at the closing apéro.
Key insights and practioneers implications were aggregated in our publication «Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Praxis – Strategieformulierung und -implementierung» (Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb 12/2022).
We would like to express our gratitude to all companies involved –the consortium partners, successful practices, and participants in our study – for their willingness to share insights, best practices, and discuss challenges.
If you are interested in our upcoming benchmarking on organizational structures in global production networks, please reach out to us!
Read more about our proven benchmarking approach here.
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