Final Presentation of Our Innosuisse Project: Triple R - Resilience, Robustness, and Responsiveness for GPNs

The final presentation of the Innosuisse research project on the "Resilience, Robustness, and Responsiveness of Global Production Networks" took place on May 17th, 2023, highlighting the collaborative efforts between academia and industry. This significant project, a joint venture of Siemens, MAN Energy, Staufen.INOVA, and Easter Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, concluded with noteworthy findings to advance the management of global production networks.


The research project, supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency, aimed to investigate and enhance the resilience, robustness, and responsiveness of global production networks in the face of various disruptions, such as pandemics, supply chain disruptions, and market fluctuations. Over a two-year period, a diverse team of experts from Siemens, MAN Energy, and Staufen.INOVA collaborated closely with academic researchers from Easter Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.


The final presentation provided an opportunity to present and discuss the project team's achievements. One notable outcome was the development of an analytical framework designed to assess and strengthen the resilience of global production networks. Leveraging data analytics techniques, this framework enables organizations to proactively identify vulnerabilities, implement contingency plans, and respond effectively to unforeseen disruptions, ensuring continuous operations and optimized supply chains.


The final presentation emphasized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders and highlighted the value of strong partnerships between industry and academia in addressing the challenges faced by global production networks. Through the combined expertise of Siemens, MAN Energy, Staufen, Easter Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, and University of St. Gallen, a comprehensive roadmap for resilient and responsive manufacturing systems was developed, holding great potential for industries worldwide.


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