Network Strategy 2025 for a Leading Technology Company


We accomplished the project as part of the 2025 strategy of a world-leading technology company to raise the potentials of a network consisting of 20 plants worldwide.

Two members of the institute contributed their expertise to the project within five intensive months including several site visits, workshops and constant contact through teleconferences. In a first step, we structured the quite complex operations set-up into two definable manufacturing networks and matched the business segments accordingly. Afterwards it was possible to evaluate the manufacturing priorities for the two networks that were very much differently. In order to cover the market view we consulted product management experts for this task. We conducted more workshops to find out whether the current operations networks have the capabilities that are necessary for being competitive. This workshop was done together with the operations executives and site managers from three continents. The site portfolio approach was helpful in the configuration part to create transparency for the network in order to make decisions such as expanding capacity in certain sites, consolidate single manufacturing processes or to develop access to knowhow. We implemented a site reason approach in order to make transparent in which way each site has to develop and assigned certain responsibilities to accomplish this. Furthermore, competence teams were launched for specific processes that are on the same maturity level in several sites but still have room for improvement. The coordination part comprised the application of centralisation and standardisation, knowledge and information exchange as well as incentive system frameworks. We created roadmaps throughout the whole project and consolidated it in the end so that the company is able to further implement the results and reach towards an effective manufacturing network management.



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Michael Wiech
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Dominik Remling
Research Associate & PhD Candidate