Decentralized Incentivized Initiatives

The St.Gallen Blockchain Roundtable & The DLT Think Tank

Developing new business models and governance for the digital age

Europe is facing change. Economically, we are facing a transition from the Internet of Things to the Economy of Things – a state in which things interact economically independent and autonomous. Politically, data sovereignty is gaining in importance. Therefore, society is currently confronted with a complex and fast-moving world.
Many of these opportunities and challenges stem from platform democratization, fostered by technologies such as DLTs/Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For this purpose, the Institute for Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen (ITEM-HSG) has launched the "Decentralized Incentivized" initiatives. Together with academia, business and politics, a harmonious balance of technological possibilities, economic requirements, and social opportunities is sought. How do governance models enable us to successfully shift from centralized platform monopolies to democratized and decentralized platform ecosystems? What role do incentive mechanisms play within the newly emerging decentralization? What does it require to achieve the transformation from the Internet of Things to the Economy of Things?
The aim of the St.Gallen Blockchain Roundtable is to jointly explore these and other questions – in a compact form and for a broad audience. Within the DLT Think Tank, specific practical issues, such as the federated data infrastructure initiative GAIA-X or the digital identity initiative LISSI, are discussed together with DB Systel, BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler Mobility, Deutsche Börse Group, EnBW, FDP Deutschland, Main Incubator, SBB and Siemens Energy. The scientific contribution of the ITEM-HSG is intended to support all these activities.
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