Behavioral Studies in the Healthcare Context

This project includes an ongoing collaboration between scholars at the University of St.Gallen, the Kantonsspital St.Gallen, and the Kantonsspital Winterthur. The involved researchers from the HSG are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlotta SirĂ©n, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik, and Barbara Schmidt. In addition, scholars from both hospitals complete the team. This diverse research team possesses the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge that is required for this research project.


The objective of this interdisciplinary research project is to improve our knowledge of expert behavior in the medical field, focusing on work in the context of oncology. Work in oncology is a complex process with several factors influencing attitudes and behavior of medical experts and nursing staff. Incomplete scientific evidence as well as psychological factors affecting oncologists and patients all complicate decision making and eventually patient care. Therefore, the purpose of the project is to develop and test a model that explains how and to what extent these factors play a role in the behavior of medical professionals.


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Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik
Professor of Entrepreneurship

Director ITEM 

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Barbara Schmidt
PhD Candidate