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Wasu Mekniran

Wasu Mekniran

Wasu Mekniran


Research Assistant & PhD

Institute of Technology Management
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St Gallen
Main Focuses

Digital Health

Business Models

Longevity Economy

Fields of research

Business Model Innovation

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland: Ph.D. Candidate in Emerging Business Models for Digital Health
  • RWTH Aachen University, Germany: MS in Computational Sciences and MBA in Healthcare Digitalization
  • Kyushu University, Japan: BS in Mechanical Engineering - Medical Robotics
Professional Career

Researching and building a full stack intervention from technology to a business model with a strong focus on digital biomarkers for healthy longevity (e.g., metabolic health as a proximal outcome and biological age as a distal outcome) to add life to the years we have on this planet.

My background studies are in medical engineering, from medical assistive bionics to computational sciences used to design medical devices such as heart pumps.

Besides research, I am a business developer specializing in smart services for the healthcare, energy, and manufacturing industries. I create value through IoT technology and data analytics to help businesses strive sustainably.

Teaching Activities

Representer: Operations Management


GENKI: Business Models in Digital Healthy Longevity

By examining the question, “how can we make digital precision preventive care models a success?” our team aims to research and develop a business model framework for the longevity economy to make disease prevention measurable, actionable, and accountable.

  • Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship
  • MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship
  • DAAD Programm STIBET III Matching Funds
  • Kyushu University International Undergraduate Scholarship
Alexandria Forschungsteam

Emerging Business Models in Digital Health