Global Production Academy



Our Focus Group in Collaboration with the wbk Institute of Production Science at the KIT

In 2022 we started our Global Production Academy in collaboration with the KIT. With two leading research institutes led by Prof. Friedli (St.Gallen) and Prof. Lanza (Karlsruhe) and currently 7 multinational companies, we discuss the current challenges within global production networks and work on solutions, commonly.


Each of our exchange days includes a unique exchange between practitioners and researchers consisting of keynote presentations, discussions, workshops, shopfloor tours, and networking sessions. The program is complemented by a get-together on a respective evening before the exchange to get to know each other personally.

GPA 2022

Together with our collaboration partners we are focussing the following topics this year:


  • Global Production Strategy
  • Resiliency in Production Networks
  • Strategical Site Selection Process
  • Risk Mitigation in Production Networks


If you are interested to join our Global Produdction Academy 2023, feel free to reach out to Jens Kaiser or Fabian Specht.