Global Production Academy



Our Focus Group in Collaboration with the wbk Institute of Production Science at the KIT

In 2022 we started our Global Production Academy in collaboration with the KIT. With two leading research institutes led by Prof. Friedli (St.Gallen) and Prof. Lanza (Karlsruhe) and currently 7 multinational companies, we discuss the current challenges within global production networks and work on solutions, commonly.


Each of our exchange days includes a unique exchange between practitioners and researchers consisting of keynote presentations, discussions, workshops, shopfloor tours, and networking sessions. The program is complemented by a get-together on a respective evening before the exchange to get to know each other personally.

GPA 2022

Together with our collaboration partners we are focussing the following topics this year:


  • Global Production Strategy
  • Resiliency in Production Networks
  • Strategical Site Selection Process
  • Risk Mitigation in Production Networks


If you are interested to join our Global Produdction Academy 2023, feel free to reach out to Jens Kaiser or Fabian Specht.

Latest Meetings and News

We constantly adapt our format to the questions and challenges of our partners. Stay informed and read the articles of our latest meetings.

1. Meeting of the Global Production Academy 2022 at Peri

On July 22nd our first meeting of the Global Production Academy took place at Peri in Weissenhorn.

Together with the wbk of the KIT, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing together industrial companies to discuss and further develop current topics in global production networks.

2. Meeting of the Global Production Academy at Herrenknecht

On September 22nd our second meeting of the Global Production Academy took place at Herrenknecht in Schwanau.

Global Production Academy 2022: 4. Site Visit at CLAAS

Our fourth and last meeting of our Global Production Academy 2022 took place at CLAAS in Harsewinkel this week.

As a globally leading agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS shared current insights into its production and its risk mitigation strategy for the global production network. In joint discussion rounds with our consortium together with Herrenknecht, CLAAS, FACC, HOMAG, MTU Aero Engines, Balluff, PERI and our research partner the wbk Institute of Production Science (wbk-KIT) we could collect and define valuable successful practices  

Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all participating companies for their exciting insights, our great discussions and openness in all four meetings. We are already looking forward to continuing our discussions in 2023.

If you would like to be part of our Global Production Academy 2023, feel free to reach out to our GPA Team!

Global Production Academy 2022: 3. Site Visit at HOMAG

Last Friday, the third meeting of the Global Production Academy, founded together with the wbk Institute of Production Science (wbk-KIT), took place. HOMAG, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, shared exciting insights into its production strategy and its data-based approach for product allocation in the network. Afterwards, different approaches to design the production network were discussed together with the experts from Herrenknecht AG, CLAAS, FACC AG, HOMAG, MTU Aero Engines, Balluff EMEA and PERI In particular, the handling of uncertainty in the business environment and the consideration of soft decision criteria played a major role. We are already looking forward to deepening these discussions in the fourth meeting at the CLAAS on the topic of risk mitigation.