Swiss Manufacturing Survey and Award

„The overall goal is that our annual survey provides profound and helpful insights into the current situation of the Swiss manufacturing sector. This should support companies, organizations, politicians and researchers in identifying, analyzing, and reacting to disadvantageous developments and trends.”
Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Swiss Manufacturing Survey
The Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2024 has started!
The 8th Swiss Manufacturing Survey of the University of St.Gallen has been launched and we would like to invite you to participate with your company at this year’s survey!
Link to the questionnaire: Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2024
Our annual Swiss Manufacturing Survey (SMS) aims at identifying the current situation of the Swiss manufacturing industry and at ascertaining long-term structural changes. We have been conducting the survey independently and objectively since 2017. Researching on the manufacturing industry in this way provides information not yet gathered by other studies, for example, regarding the changing role of Swiss manufacturing plants within global production networks. This new transparency should support companies, organizations, research institutes and politics to identify as well as to analyze trends and to react appropriately.

Each participant gets a customized final report comparing his performance to others and is a candidate for the Swiss Manufacturing Award. The general report of the previous years is available for download below.





Swiss Manufacturing Award

In 2019 we complemented the Swiss Manufacturing Survey with the Swiss Manufacturing Award. It honors one company that has contributed to manufacturing in Switzerland within the previous year in an excellent way. The winner receives the award at the annual St.Gallen Production Management Conference.

The Swiss Manufacturing Survey builds the base for the Award winner selection in a two step process. First, a quantitative pre-selection takes place. We calculate each company’s contribution to manufacturing in Switzerland based on its self-assessment in the Swiss Manufacturing Survey. Financial, manufacturing, and market performance indicators, as well as answers regarding investments in manufacturing capacity and technology in Switzerland, are at the heart of this calculation. Second, a qualitative final-selection takes place. Based on an interview and a case study about the five best-performing companies in the quantitative evaluation, an independent jury selects the winner of the Swiss Manufacturing Award. The second step thereby verifies the self-assessment from the Swiss Manufacturing Survey and determines the contribution to Swiss manufacturing in more detail.


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As a participant, you get a customized final report comparing your performance to others, and you might win the Swiss Manufacturing Award.

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